We have many professional artists as well as beginners studying with us.

The studios offer a number of courses to reinforce the methodology that people can learn to draw and paint provided they have the desire and willingness to do so. We offer beginner drawing courses to advanced painting, for both part-time and full-time students.

Many people, while not necessarily wanting to become professional artists, want to learn to draw and paint.  Maybe their jobs involve visual images; maybe they want to appreciate better the art they see in a gallery or museum; or maybe they simply want to explore their own artistic instincts and imagination.  Whatever the reasons for their interest, we believe the majority want to receive clear practical instruction on the principles and methods of drawing and painting, which have been developed and passed down over the generations.  They do not want to be left to their own devices to discover these by trial and error.

The number of students attending is limited to 11 students working from the figure, and 10 on casts/still-lifes. Each position is set up with an easel, trolley (on which to keep palatte, brushes etc) and individual light.