Atelier or Studio training

This training focuses on a high teacher-student ratio circa 1:10 and encourages both teaching and learning through demonstrations.

Though such studios are set up in France, Italy, Russia, the USA etc., and this method has trained artists since Renaissance times, no such system was in place in the UK.

 ‘Our English painters have no pupils, so the experience they have so laboriously acquired for themselves is of no profit to others.’
John Collier- A Manual of oil Painting. 1890

The Uniqueness.

The training given follows that of 19th century techniques using traditional methods to teach the visual language of drawing, painting, art history and the craft-side of painting, i.e. making canvasses and pigments.


We believe art students want to receive clear, practical instruction on the principles and methods of drawing and painting.

Therefore, students begin with a ten-session foundation course, consisting of 1) proportion, 2) line and volume 3) chiaroscuro and 4) colour. Professional artists use all these elements simultaneously, but a learner can be taught these one at a time, each stage naturally leading into the next.

Our aim is to create an environment in which to train artists in the classical techniques of drawing and painting but not to impose an individual style, ie to teach the grammar of seeing, drawing and painting in mass.