Lavender Hill Studios has an in house and online shop called Lavender Hill Colours. Visit for all your atelier art needs.



Here are some of the brands Lavender Hill Colours currently stocks:

Williamsburg The Complete Range of 145 Handmade Oil Colors

Michael Harding’s The Complete Range of 68 Artists Oil Colours and Traditional Mediums

Sennelier The Complete Range of 36 Etude Art Student Oil Colours

Claessens Artists Canvas Nr. 66, Nr. 15, Nr.102, Nr.166, Nr.066

Rosemary & Co. Ivory Filberts and Long Flats,  Master Choice Series 278

Raphael Paris Classic Series Interlocked Artist Brushes

Isabey Memory Series Fine Haired Artists Brushes

Pip Seymore Oderless Turpentine, Pure Gum Turpentine, Pure Cold Pressed Linseed Oil

RGM Traditional Palette Knives

Fabbriano Ingres Paper Entire Colour Range

Coates Willow Charcoal Nr. 1, 12, & 25 Stick Boxes

Nitram Fine Art Charcoal H, HB, B

Brush Washer Small, Medium and Large

Extra Large Palette Cups

Chamois Artists Leather

Handmade Traditional Panels A variety of sizes and made to order, Birch Ply and Marine Mahogany

Handmade Shadowboxes MDF Multi-Sided Still-Life Box Designed by Nick and Scott

Mabef M10, M25, M04 Studio Easels and M23 Box Easel for Plein-Aire Painting