Lavender Hill Studios has an inhouse shop called Lavender Hill Colours.


Our inhouse shop stocks fine artist materials sourced from the UK, Italy, France , Belgium, the Netherlands and the US.  For further information please visit or e-mail

Painting Supports: From low cost cotton canvas and canvas boards to top quality Claessens preprimed and raw linen and stretcher bars.

  • Handmade Traditional Panels A variety of sizes and made to order, Birch Ply and Marine Mahogany
  • Claessens Artists Canvas Nr. 66, Nr. 15, Nr.102, Nr.166, Nr.066

Oil Paints: From student grade Sennelier paints to top quality Michael Harding and Old Holland ranges.

  • Williamsburg The Complete Range of 145 Handmade Oil Colors
  • Michael Harding’s The Complete Range of 68 Artists Oil Colours and Traditional Mediums
  • Sennelier The Complete Range of 36 Etude Art Student Oil Colours

Mediums: Odourless turpentine substitutes and a full range of Michael Harding mediums and varnishes.

  • Pip Seymore Odorless Turpentine Shellsol T 1ltr, 500ml, 250ml, Pure Gum Turpentine 1ltr, 500ml, 250ml, Pure Cold Pressed Linseed Oil 250ml & 1ltr

Brushes: Range of quality from basic hogs, to sable brushes. Brands include Raphael, Art2Go, Proarte, Escoda etc.

  • Rosemary & Co. Ivory Filberts and Long Flats,  Master Choice Series 278
  • Raphael Paris Classic Series Interlocked Artist Brushes
  • Isabey Memory Series Fine Haired Artists Brushes

Drawing materials: We recommend and supply Fabriano Ingres; a 70gramme weight handpressed paper, ideal for both charcoal and pastel work, which we supply in a full range of colours.

  •  Strathmore : 400 Drawing 18X24 Inch Spiral Top 24 Sheet Pad
  • Newsprint and packing paper

Charcoal: From Willow charcoal to top quality graded fusain charcoal.

  • Coates Willow Charcoal Nr. 1, 12, & 25 Stick Boxes
  • Nitram Fine Art Charcoal (comes in 3 grades- H, HB & B)

Art Essentials:  Chamois Leather for erasing and modelling, stumps, kneaded erasers.

  • RGM Traditional Palette Knives No. 42, 33, 33
  • Brush Washer Small, Medium and Large
  • Extra Large Palette Cups
  • Handmade Shadowboxes MDF Multi-Sided Still-Life Box Designed by Nick and Scott

Easels:  Mabef M10, M25, M04 Studio Easels and M23 Box Easles for Plein-Aire Painting

  LAVENDER HILL COLOURS own brand by Pip Seymour. Sets of pastels chosen for their quality and suitability for portraits and flesh tones. Own brand linseed oil.