Students will venture out into the parks of London where Ann Witheridge will teach the key stages of painting a landscape in oils.  You will learn about composition, colour relationships and colour harmony: everything must compose well as much for the form as for the colour, light and shade (Joseph Vernet, 1714 – 1789).  Ann, co-founder of Lavender Hill Studios, will give regular critiques as well as a painting demonstration each lunchtime.By the end of the three days you will have gained an understanding of the history of landscape painting and have got to grips with the practical aspects of the genre

Landscape Painting

Landscape Painting

Landscape Painting Kit

Easels – a small number are available to borrow.  Alternatively you can buy:

  • Aluminium sketch easels – £48.71
  • Mabef Box Easel – £150.00

The Jullian Box Easel is a personal favourite but harder to find.


  • Brushes- bring what you have and I can go through them and say which is good to use.
  • Brush carrier (can be plastic bag with elastic band)
  • Palette – folding is best. I have ordered lots if you don’t have @ £7 or you can buy block of throw-away ones (I don’t like these, but we do have them).
  • Canvas boards – 2 minimum needed each day (I will be bringing many spares). The first week I will also bring lots of small £1 for our grisailles and colour sketches.
  • (You should try to use pairs of same size so that they can be stacked and carried together easily)
  • Canvas keys or discs of cork or 2p coins- to put between paintings at end of day to avoid them touching when walking back
  • Kitchen Paper or rags
  • Plastic carrier for binning your rubbish.
  • Linseed Oil and or medium (i.e. with balsam)
  • Turpentine or Shellsol or Sansodor
  • Jam jars with tight lids for above
  • Palette cups
  • Palette knife
  • Sketch Book and pencil

Oil paints – with oil paints the quality is reflected in the price.

  • White – big tube (clouds  etc)
  • Cadmium or lemon yellow
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Cadmium Red
  • Alizarin Crimson
  • Raw Umber
  • Cerulean, Cobalt or Pthalo Blue (the cool)
  • Ultramarine Blue (the warm)

Practicals – come prepared for all weather conditions, it will vary not only from week to week but from hour to hour!

  • Tape (for attaching paper to Board)
  • Light Stool – optional – but a good idea unless you are happy to sit on walls etc
  • Hat – visor
  • Long sleeved shirt – in case very hot
  • Umbrella – raincoat – in case very wet!
  • Jumper – it is always colder than you expect when standing still.
  • Scarf or sarong
  • Rucksack, (not open bag)
  • Bottle for drinking water – or whatever drink you prefer.
  • Snacks Galore!
  • Good Walking Shoes