Henry Yan lives and works in the USA where he is resident artist and teacher at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California.  Many of his former students are now professionals in art & design and gaming industries.  

Henry Yan originally trained under some of the leading artists and art professors of China, later moving to the USA where he went on to perfect his technique in drawing human figures and portraits. He is a much celebrated and versatile artist equally adept in detailed, traditional approaches and fast, painterly styles.


Above all Yan is recognized for the immediacy of his approach and the power of the gesture.   His book “Henry Yan’s Figure Drawing – Techniques and Tips” (pictured here and sold at the Studios’ arts store) is internationally acclaimed and is a recommended read for every artist.

After a series of fully subscribed workshops, Henry Yan now returns annually to Lavender Hill Studios to guide students through the rigours of drawing from life.  His courses include short gesture poses and exercises in muscle structure, progressing to longer drawings and chiaroscuro work.  Students are encouraged to learn through practice and have plenty of opportunity to pose questions and receive critiques.  


Thursday 2 July, 6.30pm: Live Painting Demo & Sale of Work

Cost: £10 or included in the cost of the courses



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 30 June- 2 July 2015: Drawing Workshop

Cost: £295
Students are instructed in the techniques of drawing from life. They learn to capture the figure, swiftly but with precision, paying careful attention to proportion, inner structure, core shadows and essential anatomical landmarks.  Exercises consist of short and long poses, moving onto chiaroscuro and mass drawing.

4 & 5 July 2015: Painting Workshop 

Cost: £200
Students will learn to translate the characteristic accents and lost edges of Henry Yan’s drawing techniques to oil painting.   All work is from the life model. 



Drawing & Painting Workshop: £485 (Drawing, £295; Painting, £200)

Location: Lavender Hill Studios, Battersea Business Centre, 99-109 Lavender Hill, SW11 5QL        

Materials:  Specialist materials can be bought on site from Lavender Hill Colours.

TO BOOK CONTACT: info@lavenderhillstudios.com