Artist Framed: Whistler

The first in our autumn series of student led art discussions.  De Laszlo Foundation scholar, Chris Gray, gives an illustrated talk on Whistler.  

An introduction to the artist and his work, as viewed by an artist; an informal discussion amongst peers.  

Studio 101, 4.15pm.

Refreshments provided, £3.    

Materials Workshop

A weekend workshop focused on the craft of the artist from stretching and preparing a canvas to grinding pigments and varnishing a finished piece.  

Scott Pohlschmidt, founder of Lavender Hill Colours art store, and co-founder of Lavender Hill Studios, will give a historical background to the materials artists use today.  There will be plenty of opportunity to ‘have a go’ as Scott guides participants through the various processes involved.  Students will prepare their own canvases and paints.    

Date & Time: Saturday 15 November, 2-5pm & Sunday 16 November, 10am – 4pm.

Location: Lavender Hill Studios

Cost: £100; £75 LHS full-time students



Emerging Artist Course

Half-term already!  The good news is that we still have some spaces on our Emerging Artist Course, four days focused on the fundamental principles of drawing and painting.  The final day is an opportunity for beginners to experiment with painting in oils and to work from life.

The course is open to all ages and levels.  It is particularly suited to those wishing to pursue further training in the classical techniques.


Future Masters

Future Masters