Encajar: Lavender Hill Studios’ Atelier Art Method

I verbo transitivo
1 (algo dentro de algo) to insert: you have to fit the pieces of the puzzle together
II verbo intransitivo
1 (ajustarse) to fit

Lavender Hill Studios’ method is a blend of the Spanish and the Italian.  We break down any subject into four stages, Proportion, Line & Volume, Chiaroscuro, and Colour, each naturally leading into the next.  On their canvas or paper every student starts with a fixed top and bottom line.  Next the student draws the left and right hand lines representing the outer edge of the composition.  These are not fixed and can be fluidly adjusted back and forth, left and right.  After these four crucial lines are established we…………    Want to find out more?  Come visit us.

We have been sharing our method since the summer of 2004.  Lavender Hill Studios was born when Ann, Scott, and Nick set up the first full-time Atelier in England with a fresh outlook on it’s traditions and methods.  And since the very inception we have always taught encajar; to fit, to envelope.


Go Figure! 3 Day Figure Short Course

Go figure…..!

February 18th-20th   9.30-3.30   £225 for 3 Days

            A 3-day figure course in the grammar of drawing and painting the model from life



Morning – proportion and line (charcoal)

Afternoon – gesture drawing  (charcoal)


       Morning – figure drawing -chiaroscuro (charcoal)

       Afternoon – figure in grisaille (oil paint)


Morning – figure painting, limited palette (oil paint)

Afternoon – figure painting, extended palette

(oil paint)

 Basic materials (charcoal, paper, canvases) will be included in the fees but do bring any paints and brushes you already have. We have a fully stocked shop for art materials and can fill any gaps as we go…

 Cost £225

Go Figure! 3 Day Short Course

Go Figure! 3 Day Short Course

Please contact Daisy for further information/booking the course tel:0207 2232360 email: info@lavenderhillstudios.com

Gesture & Anatomy Course

Gesture & Anatomy

Tutor – Jon

Monday evening will focus on dynamic gesture and anatomical structures. The core of the class will be short drawings from a model supplemented by an optional take home project.

Through a variety of models, themes and poses, students will develop an instinctive understanding of the human form and the mechanics of movement.

Mondays January 7th-March 18th, 4.30-6.15pm

£75 – Full Time LHS Students/ £100 Part-Time LHS Students/  £150 – Outside Students

Gesture & Anatomy Class

Gesture & Anatomy Class

Paris Here We Come!

The Map below shows where the Lavender Hill Mob will be going during our February Folly!  For the 25 of us going it may be useful to have this at hand in Paris.

View Paris museum trip in a larger map

View Paris museum trip in a larger map

Paris museum trip
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Musée d’Orsay
1. 9.30-6 last admission 5
Le petit palais
2. 10 – 6 (last admissiom 5)
Musee du Louvre
3. 9 – 945 Fri til 6 sat and sun
Musee Rodin
3. 10 – 5.45
Musée National Eugène Delacroix
Musée de l’Orangerie
5. 9-6 last admission 5.30
Centre National d’Art et de Culture George Pompidou
6. 11 – 10pm last admission 8pm
Musée national Gustave Moreau
7. 10 – 5
Gare du Nord
Le Village Hostel
Hôtel La Louisiane
Magasin Sennelier
La Maison du Pastel
Willi’s Wine Bar
Chez Janou
Jardin du Luxembourg
Basilique du Sacre-Coeur
Musée de Montmartre