London Drawing Courses at Lavender Hill Studios with Henry Yan

Henry Yan is coming to London to share his gift of direct drawing to a willing European audience at the established Lavender Hill Studios, the first Atelier set up in England offering full-time drawing and painting courses dedicated to Representational Art.

Henry Yan’s Figure Drawing

  Techniques and Tips
The author has many years of experience in teaching drawing and painting at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. This book is focused on various techniques and styles in drawing human figures and portraits. It also provides useful tips and thoughts based on the author’s years’ experience. The book has 192 pages, each page includes one or more figure/head drawings done from live models. There are about 20 step-by-step demonstrations from detailed and traditional approaches to fast and painterly styles. It’s a book that wil benefit both begining and advanced learners. It’s also a nice book just for enjoying the beautiful images with various artistic approaches.

August 28 – 31, 2012, London, England, Figure drawing, Contact: or visit their website

Henry Yan Art at Lavender Hill Studios
Henry Yan Art at Lavender Hill Studios
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